Flight Physicals

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FAA MedXpress

Dr. Lawrence is an FAA designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner.

Our office handles Class 1, 2, and 3 FAA Flight Physicals.


Flight Physicals take about 45 minutes to complete.

Please call 334-475-2058 to make your appointment.


BEFORE you arrive, please log on to FAA MedXPress to complete Form 8500-8.


Be ready to give a urine specimen UPON ARRIVAL.

If you have any FAA Approved Special Issuances (waivers), please bring all required paperwork to your appt.

If you wear contacts, please remove them before you arrive for your exam.

If you wear glasses, you need to bring them to your exam. 

As of 9 November 2017, applicants completing the FAA questionnaire on MEDXPRESS must provide detail for any questions regarding medical history.
Entries such as “previously reported” or “no change” are no longer acceptable.

Applicants upon presentation for their medical examination that have provided such response will experience significant delays in the processing of their applications, and in some cases may need to reschedule a follow up appointment, or have their application deferred.

There may be extra expenses incurred to cover the cost and time of processing incomplete applications.

Applicants may expedite their examination completion simply by providing details when preparing their MEDXPRESS forms.

Example: 18.x.Other illness, disability, or surgery:
Applicant has history of appendectomy in 1980.
Entry CANNOT read “PRNC” or “previously reported” or “no change”
Applicant must provide sufficient history to establish there is no aeromedical concern.
“Appendectomy, 1980, no complications”


We accept cash, check, and major credit cards as payment.


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