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Holiday Clinic Closures 2017


Dr. Lawrence will be taking some personal time out of the office. Someone will be in the office these days to take your calls (with the exception of holidays). However, Dr. Lawrence will not be in the office at all. He will be unable to provide refills or referrals until he returns. Your requests will be processed as soon as possible, but it may take up to 72 hours after his return to complete your requests. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Upcoming closure dates:
December 18th through January 1st
(December 25th and 26th- Holiday) 
(January 1st – Holiday)

As of 9 November 2017, applicants completing the FAA questionnaire on MEDXPRESS must provide detail for any questions regarding medical history.
Entries such as “previously reported” or “no change” are no longer acceptable.
Applicants upon presentation for their medical examination that have provided such response will experience significant delays in the processing of their applications, and in some cases may need to reschedule a follow up appointment, or have their application deferred.
There may be extra expenses incurred to cover the cost and time of processing incomplete applications.
Applicants may expedite their examination completion simply by providing details when preparing their MEDXPRESS forms.
Example: 18.x.Other illness, disability, or surgery:
Applicant has history of appendectomy in 1980.
Entry CANNOT read “PRNC” or “previously reported” or “no change”
Applicant must provide sufficient history to establish there is no aeromedical concern.
“Appendectomy, 1980, no complications”


On March 9, 2017, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners adopted a new rule concerning the use of risk and abuse mitigation strategies for prescribing physicians. The new rule requires the use of risk and mitigation strategies (RMS) when prescribing controlled substances for the treatment of pain. The rule also notes a heightened risk of adverse events associated with concurrent use of opioids and benzodiazepines and requires that physicians reconsider existing benzodiazepine prescriptions. For the purpose of preventing controlled substance diversion, abuse, misuse, addiction, and doctor-shopping, physicians are required to adhere to monitoring requirements utilizing the Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. It is anticipated that over time, current laws may become even more restrictive. One only has to look at current laws enacted in Ohio as an example, which limit the number of days for which certain prescriptions may be written.

It is the intent of this office to comply with all rules promulgated by the State of Alabama and the Board of Medical Examiners. We recognize that this may necessitate changes to current medical therapy being received and/or consultations to other specialists, such as Pain Management, to meet the new standards while providing for pain mitigation. We regret any hardship this may create, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time of transition.

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